Laplante & Associates are experts in the products they represent. They’re dedicated to working alongside the product and the client from start to finish - from engineering, installation recommendations to service.

Building a strong customer relationship is key to Laplante, and they make that relationship their main focus - each and every time. They see to all the details and work tirelessly on behalf of their customers; no matter what the product and no matter what the job, Laplante customers get the right answers.

The “Total Solutions Package” that Laplante & Associates provide includes:

• Designing and supervising product installation.
• Providing installation certification to the end-user
   upon project completion.
• Targeting home-builders to select Laplante & Associates
   lines in their model homes.
• Working with and coordinating designers’ and
   architects’ requests.
• Training contractors in prescribed product installation
   methods and procedures.
• Offering troubleshooting expertise on-site.
What we do:

As manufacturers agents, Laplante & Associates represents product lines for the Electrical, Mechanical, Commercial, Industrial and Original Equipment Manufacturing markets.

No matter what the product, Laplante & Associates is dedicated to building strong relationships and ensures that their customers get the right answers.

Our customer get the right answers.

We're proud of our 50 years in the industry as a
family business and just as proud of our dedication
to customer service. We value those relationships
above everything else.

Laplante & Associates' expertise in both the mechanical
and electrical divisions covers Quebec and the Ottawa
Valley. Regardless of whether you are interested in
one of our superior-quality product lines or you'd like
us to represent your product, you're guaranteed to find
the depth of knowledge and service excellence that
has become a Laplante & Associates hallmark.

Paul Laplante - Associate